Lana'i Western

                       by Hawai'i Western Adventures

UTV Excursions on Lanai defines the
"Spirit of Adventure"!

These state of the art vehicles offer our guests the opportunity to travers areas that are not easily done by man or beast.  The highlight is a trip to the top of the Munro Trail where the scenery is unmatched and is awe-inspiring or perhaps a photo-safari to view the various wildlife found on Lanai, always a rare treat to see the noble Axis deer buck or evasive Mouflon sheep with their magnificent horns. Another adventure to add to your memory book provided by Lanai Grand Adventures.

Simple & Scenic -

This is fun, 4-wheel driving at its best and you are the driver!  We start our ride at the Stables at Koele and meander along the scenic Munro Trail in and out of the Ironwood Forests before heading to high ground where beautiful vistas of the other islands await you on a clear day.  Our guides will share with you the history of Hawaii and specially Lanai will be shared with you on this adventure.  Sightings of Lanai's wild life, including Axis deer, Mouflon Sheep and more are always an added treat.

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**Ride & Shoot -

Combine the best of 4-wheeling in a state of the art UTV with Lanai Pine Sporting Clays, including 25 cartridges and instruction and you have the makings of a great adventure!  The adventure starts at the Stables at Koele in your UTV and traverse over a fun and challenging trail to the Lanai Pine Sporting Clays.  Traveling through Ironwood forests, upland to a ridge with views of Maui & Molokai and ending at the sporting clays is one blissful experience but it is not over yet.

Once at the Sporting Clays you will have the opportunity to fire away from a variety of shooting stands and show us your marksmanship while shooting at clays that scatter, fly, hop and challenge you to "shoot me if you can".  A leisurely return to the Stables at Koele on-board your UTV concludes this excursion.

Majestic Munro -

The Munro Trail is named after the adventurer George Munro who came to the island of Lanai of in 1890.  Munro is responsible for the reforestation of the island as well as brining the towering Cook Pines to Lanai, planting them on the ridge, for which he is named. They are one of the sole sources of supplying water through their root system to our aquifers. 

Your adventure up the Munro Trail via UTV will begin at the Lanai Pine Sporting Clays and take you from 1,800 feet to the top of the ridge at 3,300 feet.  It is an awe-inspiring trek which includes traveling over unique terrain, through a Kukui Nut Forrest, a plateau of Sisal plants, over the Koloiki Ridge and up to Maunalei Gulch lookout with magnificent views of the other islands.  The weather patterns on the ridge are amazing, and you may find yourself in a foggy mist or sparkling sunshine or both over the duration of the excursion.

Spectacular scenery and unparalled views make this a "must-do" on your list!

Please call 1-808-563-9385 for reservations
or with any questions

as of 4/30/12